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Friday, May 20, 2011

Renegade Mama.

That's me.

A rebel without a cause.

Quickly becoming the person that as a kid, I was advised to stay away from.

Okay its not really that bad.

Or is it?

Am I just getting used to it?

Okay I'm sitting here preparing everything for our camping trip this weekend.

From scratch.

Potato salad,

gram crackers,

granola bars,

spaghetti -sauce and noodles,

prepping meat and veggies for shish kabobs.

Because I am obsessed like that.

Because if by chance we should get bored, there's always great food to eat.

Because great camping memories are in the food too.

I decided that it was also a good time to listen to Pandora,

And scheme up a clever new post.

Let's see how that works out.

I never published certain details of my accident back in February

Certain details like:

My licence being suspended at the time of the accident.

I didn't know it.

The cop that took the accident report didn't even figure it out until after we were dismissed.

Boy did he track us down though.

he graciously quoted me a ''ball park" ticket amount of 900$

In one of my all time favorite movies,

The main character gets pulled over by a police man

Who writes him a ticket for speeding.

As the cop is handing the man his ticket, he comically asks the cop to "put it on my tab."

I have always wanted to say something like that.

I missed my chance.

It would have been great.

I won the government lottery.

I was chosen to prove to the overly-qualified people at the DMV that I had insurance.

When I did not receive the letter they sent, I did not reply to the letter they sent.

When I did not reply to the letter they sent, they suspended my licence.

Apparently there was a letter for that one too.

Fast forward to three months later (yesterday)

I'm sitting in court

(instead of sitting at the river with Monica, Eian, and Peeps).

Thinking the judge might have mercy on me and my otherwise impeccable driving record.

She looked like a nice lady, like a mom maybe.

She did not waste any mothering skills on me.

Pay baby pay.

I was dismissed with the fine lowered,

then raised again due to payment plans.

But wait...

Just one more thing:

My licence is suspended AGAIN!!

How often can you say you've won the lottery twice in one year?

Well you just might have won the Oregon lottery, but don't know it yet!

You may get notified, but not as soon as you'd expect!

Back to the DMV.

I personally like to figure out which of the two workers will call my number.

If your extra lucky, Like I am,

You'll get the cat man with the penny colored hair.

(I've seen him at the store buying very expensive cat food).

Seriously, he should have his picture taken for the next one Cent coin.

This weekend, I am at the mercy of my dear sweet husband to taxi me.

Because they're on holiday Friday

So I'll be legal to drive again on Monday

I wish my story were cooler about how my clean record got flushed in a matter of a couple months.

But that's just

all there is to it.

Because I thought you might want to know.

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  1. Good grief! What a pain! Glad you're all ok!