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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pickin bones with Barbie

Yes I have many things better to do than this.
It will just be there a while longer than I would like.
For now,
I'm wishing on an Oreo that the mess disappears.
The diaper changes itself,
and that dinner were in the crock pot by now.

This is temporarily more important to me,
A thought I had.
And a decision I've made

Not necessarily yours and I understand that:

I think Barbie is a Jezebel.

I had a different word for it
but since I only use the word by accident
and only in my head,
I thought not to post it
After all, I am a lady.

I just can't stand that her disproportionate body is always half dressed
when she's done being dressed.

I saw a holiday Barbie at our grocery store
That had a racy black gown with see-through lace
down the center.
You could see through the lace all the way to her belly button.

I bet they can't figure out why it has been on clearance
Since last Christmas.

Time to send her back folks.
I read a discussion titled "how young should girls be to have Barbie...If at all?"
Or something like that.
I paraphrased a little
Okay a lot but you get it.

It said that in times past,
The toy makers successfully targeted 8-14 year old girls.
Now, they're targeting the same ages
But the captive age range is

3-9 years old.

I just can't stomach that for my 3 year old.

Maybe people are so accepting because of the name.
She's been around and adored for decades.
'It just a Barbie'
She can do nothing wrong enough for us to reject her.
She's an American icon.

Even this one.
I may sound nit picky
but hear me out.
Lauren would love this doll to bits.
If given to her,
she probably wouldn't put it down for days.
I just have a problem when the clothes come off.
She's dressing and undressing
an overly figured 25 year old body.
Before kids...........
Does that sound weird when you read it?
Because it sure feels weird typing it.
But can you refute it?

I am not wishing for a chubby Barbie.
Just a less exploited body figure.
that does not dress like a street walker.

I think I'll pass.
And preserve this image:
I have thought this for a while now
and decided not to share with family or friends,
For lack of confidence in my presentation,
I tend to fumble my words
And retract what I'm saying if I
sense any awkwardness or disapproval.
I have often feared that people would assume that we get these ideas
from a staunch and critical view point that does not allow for fun or creativity.

It just stems from thoughts of preserving a wholesome body image
for my girls
For as long as possible.
Because I know someday,
They will learn about the slop this world heaps on people,
And wish they could go back
I am not naive enough to think they Will never touch or play with one.
I just want to support a more modest
and hopefully enriching choice for toys in our home.
Something to learn from like a Baby doll,
Lincoln logs,
scooters, Lego's (pink of course!)

I wanted to tell family especially about Barbie

(You know those of you who can't pass up a cute girly thing to save their life?

You know who you are.)

Because I know holiday Shopping is coming up.
and you'll be out.
On the beat.
Scouring the black Friday deals.
Hopefully this year I'll be there with you.
And then we wont ever have this conversation in person
In front of a super cute Barbie
that makes me want to crack.
And forget what's underneath her clothes.
If I were a stronger or more driven person,
I would ban anything with the Barbie logo
Until Mattel agrees to take every degrading doll off the shelves.
But the truth is,
I am not looking to change the world.
I don't have time for that.
I don't care about Barbie.
Its not worth the effort to me.
I am loving my kids.
Desiring better for their sakes.
That's it.

I chose to 'come out' about my Barbie soap issues
on the Internet because
I am much better at declaring something on a blogging mountain top
Than in real, live, eye contact, sit down conversations.

Oh since I am cleaning out the closet
We also don't 'do'
*The Easter Bunny or egg hunts.
(in favor of our Lord's risen)
Instead we:
Eat lamb
Have a movie day
Maybe a church service
and Naps

* Santa
This one is Jake's preference.
But I am so glad I didn't fight it
(too much ;)
Now I can't imagine giving such an important day over
To an imaginary man that smells like a cookie
Sorry if my kids ruin it for yours.
Instead we
Have a birthday cake for Jesus
Buy our tree from local lots
light shows
Bible activities

Instead we:
Buy super cheap costumes and candy
The day after Halloween.
The kids still love to get candy in the mail
and I love that it still gets sent.
They just have no idea why it came.
But who needs an explanation for free candy?
They know they're loved.
I am actually second day into this post
And yes my house did get put in order.
At one point.
The Oreo did no good for me.

I am glad to have posted this
clear my head on the issue.
Though I think most of my family has heard these things
through the grapevine.
It's good to be the one saying it.

It's official.
In written form.
Why we do what we do.
This post is my weekend baby
And I am proud of it.

What are your thoughts??
What do you celebrate?
Any creative ideas for me?
The last 2 questions are for the 3 out of 11 followers that I am not related to.
the other 8 can just disregard.
And know that I love you anyway.

Happy Weekend!


  1. You amaze me Holly! I love your thoughts! I too agree with you and the whole Barbie thing! and Easter, Christmas, Halloween . . . for me, just another time to party! and I'm too old to remember what I thought as a child ~ Ugh?! ~ Can't wait to see y'all in a couple of weeks! maybe we can have a "not for nuthin' ~ justcuz" party!

    Luvya! and just FYI ~ I forward all these on to all my friends and people you use to go to church with ~ they love it every time ~ so ~ your following is just incognito! ; )


  2. Hi Holly,

    We so enjoy and delight in your musin's. You remind us all of our early years with our babies and little ones and the joys of discovery. You write beautifully and we feel we are right there with you, savoring every moment.

    Some of the more precious moments we had with the kids were when we were able to celebrate truth with them, to make it even more special and fun where the world had distorted it and sometimes soured it. One such time is Christmas and the world's blending of greed, commercialism, etc. I'm so glad you gave us a 'heads-up' on Barbie and gift-giving.

  3. Most in agreement with the holidays's and that barbie girl who always ignored me in school..easter is all about lamb and family, wish we could of had more but enjoyed the ones ma had, when she had time to cook, christmas, oh wow, i don't think i ever had a santa fantasy since i reached the age of reason( pry about the time mom told me the dude i thought was my dad wasn't, so about age 300 hours) ,.halloween was alays weird to me, untill i reached the days of grown up holloween which involved free drink and food provided by different bosses,..this halloween however i am living in a house that is respectible enough for children to walk up to with out fear of crazy dogs or broken bottles,..however i think i'm putting my foot down with the roomates to do a more "dia de los muertos" holiday theme as as it at first glance the latin version of halloween really is a little more of a "respecting and remebering your dead ancectors thing , not so much about the horrible themes we have here in the states thing,..not a whole lot better but at least the pretence is better,..now Valentines day is somthing you should of touched on,..nopw that is worse than halloween i think, i mean what's scarier than getting the wrong gift for you hunny? plus the whole bloody history of St. valentine....hmmm what else can i add to this novel i've written? keep posting i look everyday, i thought about starting to blog , but it's just kind of weird for a single guy to do i think, i'm not very interestin,.....

  4. Loved reading this! My oldest isn't two yet, so we're still wading through all of this :) So this, for fun, is what I'm thinking. We'll go by seasons :) Easter...Tokens are based in a Christian sense, i.e, cds, books, Veggies Tales sing-a-longs, etc. Not, video games, etc. Egg hunts for fun in the park, but nix the bunny. Halloween...always had fun trick or treating as a kid. For the last 4 years or so, I've had my family over for chili, goodies and we hand out candy for the neighborhood. End of story. Last year we went to the neighbors we know and love for some candy gathering. Christmas...the day Grayson was born I looked at him and thought, "How can I lie to this baby about Santa!" (He was born a week before Christmas). Don't know where we'll go with this. I have some great books about St. Nicholas. Thinking about this being a kind of game we do as opposed to there being a fat old dude that magically comes in my house. We'll see. I do know that Santa won't be bringing the coolest presents! The emphasis WILL be on Christ for sure. Bottom line for me is that we don't emphasize the commercial aspect of the holidays, but the fun and the truth. I'm not hailing the dead when I get dressed up and beg for candy :) Barbie sucks, but I wouldn't have said that before I had kids. I would have said she's just a harmless doll that kids play with. She did used to wear more clothes back then! Guarding your children's heart is so hard these days! Good job being on top of it. I love hearing people's opinions in a non-I-hate-you-if-you-disagree way! (And I don't disagree, p.s!)