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Friday, September 10, 2010

Cutest little ditty

I just got done spending most of the afternoon with my good friend Val.
Her and I walked while the Peeps
scootered all around town.
Her whole family is very musically inclined
making them a hoot to be around.
She shared with me a half finished song written by herself.
It's the cutest song ever and I can't wait to hear the end product.
What makes this even cooler is that there is background music for this.
I haven't it heard yet,
But I'm guessing it comes from her husband backing her up
with his sax.
They're quite the team.
Here are the words so far:
I'm no stranger to poverty
I do my grocery shopping at the Dollar Tree
I know how to stretch a dollar,
Like a rubber band
I got nothin' but change to count on
So I'm countin' my blessing instead
Wearing hand me down clothes
and yard sale shoes-
but I got you to hold my hand
we got love
real love,
Not the kind of love you see on t.v.
That comes a dime a dozen
And makes you feel cheep
We got love
Real love,
O baby,
We got love.
Isn't it cute?
I told her she should add something about
cashing in cans and holding hands.
Happy Friday
P.S Thanks for reading Ron and Rose.

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