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Friday, October 1, 2010

Toot Sweet.

My Mom,
and I.
Picture us all together in my new cottage kitchen.
From 10 AM to 4:30
Messying it up again.
It wouldn't have taken so long to make everything if
But I'm not,
so it did (take that long).
First batch of cupcakes:
mixed it all together,
A triple batch.
baked the first batch.
remove from muffin tins.
load second batch,
realized that the batter was so thick
because I had forgotten to add the last ingredient:
To the store for an unplanned purchase of more ingredients.
Peeps occupied themselves today.
Iced a few cupcakes.
sugared some icing here and there.
But mostly it was a movie day.
The reason for the season.
The tootsie rolls are the stems of the apple cupcakes.
The rock hard green
Dollar store look-a-like
were the leaves.
The leaves were a bear to manipulate.
I think, total absorption of candy
through our finger tips,
Added up
could have resulted the full days portion of food.
Our fingers feel like they've
been crocheting
All the life long
I have finally realized that there is nothing
to do to ever re-pay Alicia for the things she does for me.
She is just too bloomin' good to me.
She has removed stitches from my body for goodness sake.
Some of the finished product.
78 cupcakes to be exact.
Plus a cute little birthday ditty
Made especially for Claire's indulging pleasure.

My Mom.
She works out,
And can ice a mean cupcake.

The goldfish favors.
The last picture of Claire as a baby.
Because tomorrow,
She is a toddler.
Be still my aching heart.


  1. Holly,
    Your cup cakes are adorable. Such a clever idea. And oh... the eyes on that little one. She is just the cutest!! I love her little pig tails. :)
    Have a fun day tomorrow.
    Love you...

  2. Claire has pig tails??! So sweet! And way to go on those cupcakes- Layton and Timber will be beyond excited! :)

  3. I love the pictures...Alicia is amazing, a true treasure as a friend. I just want to hug her and thank her for being there for you when I can not. I would have loved to have been the one to help with those adorable apple cupcakes. The tears are rolling as I post this because your blog is so amazing. I swear I am such a baby (snif...sniff) tears of pure joy for what I have the pleasure to witness as I scroll through these pages and watch your family grow in love. Please keep posting all of the beautiful moments of wonder in their lives. P.S. I really like your hair cut. You looked beautiful at her party.

  4. Just wanted to tell you, Your such a special kind of mommy. Wish we could have sleep overs and watch sunsets together again. Hope all is well. Take care.