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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Babe to toddling

As of Saturday,
My nest is empty of Babe's.
That's a hard one to swallow.
My dear sweet little love turned one.
Maybe that's why I have put this post off for a few days.
I really could have put this one off for another six months or so..
Her birthday that is.
The party was cute
And Fantastic,
It hosted many good friends,
And not nearly enough family.
But its all understood.
The price of growing up and moving away.
Now that the blubbering is out of the way,
Party details are as such:

My Good good good good
good good friend Alicia
hand made for me

a forever keepsake:

The pictures just don't do it any justice.
The banner has Velcro letters
(yay for interchangeable!)
It was the belle that made the ball.

My friend Jennifer hand made labels
for food,
fish, etc.
Basically anything that needed labeling.
A handy creation.
Claire had her first cake
Really, ever.
We all paid the price for it later.
Poor thing screamed all afternoon.
Her pot belly just wasn't made for sweets.
It was good going down though.
The place was super cute..
I usually don't do a party twice in the same place,
But this one might be an exception.
Hope I don't sound too snobby bout that one.
Cupcake love.

You can't see it in their hands,
but the cutest idea I have had yet....
goldfish for party favors...
Real goldfish.
I kind of impressed myself on that one.
I thought that one up.
Straight from the old brain box.

10 cent goldfish,
Dollar store glasses.
1 per family.
60 goldfish total.
3 fish in a pot.

All adds up to
Way too many leftovers.
Each favor cost about $1.30-$1.40

It's finally Claire's turn for her first apron.
Thanks again to my great friend Heather.

I scavenged up every pic of Claire
in my possession.
My mom hung them from miniature wooden clothes pins
on Beautiful ribbon.
It was delightful.

I even included an ultrasound picture of her.
I ended up throwing all the games out the window.
I polished off Claire's birthday cake instead.
After all, It was just too big for a one year old.
Aren't they cute?
That's it!
I wish I had more to share,
Maybe I'll get off my can
And take more pictures next time.
Great kitchen gossip.
Look at the expression on my face.
Must have been a doozy.

The fish:
My Claire:
I need you to know,
that you help keep your momma sane.
Your smile
Your eyes.
Your stubby chubby toes.
Your four rolls from knee to hip.
your piggy tails and baby waves "ba!" (bye)
The hugs you give when the days been too long.
I miss you when your sleeping.
I love you on my hip.
rolley polley fingers clapping
The sweetest sound a hand could ever make.
You're such a good sport with your siblings.
They cart you and drop you all over the place.
Silas is your keeper,
Lauren is your fashion expert
and Mommy practice.
Mommy loves and takes care of you,
Your go-to when you get hurt.
Daddy is your first love.
You'll never know what that noble man
would do to make you happy.
The perfect addition to this family of four.
So much more complete
now that we're five.
This last year feels like a lifetime,
I can't imagine or remember
what life was like without you.
We love you.
We need you.
I am asking for comments to Claire on this post.
A way to document this in a place that won't get misplaced
And read them to her when she comes of age.
A birthday blessing if you will.

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  1. What a treasure for your precious little girl.
    Looks like a fun time was had by all.