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Thursday, September 30, 2010


This morning,
I was a wreck.
Not wanting to accept that my Mom would probably arrive to
the 500 sq. feet black hole.
Inglorious and rough as emery board toilet paper.
I had no clue where to begin.
The walls were imploding all around me.
It was overwhelming.
Funny how the Peeps don't notice these things.
So I decided to get on the computer
And escape.
Much to my agony,
The landfill was still there when
I swiveled my chair away from the computer.
Just then,I could feel my eye start twitching.
I could feel my greys poking through
my spendy new dye in my stubby hair.
It's time for some intervention.
This business is out of my hands.
I called Alicia:
The most gracious person one could know.
I basically threatened to eat myself into an oblivion
If she didn't come rescue me.
It was simple as that.
I was ready to eat bon bon's and drink a coke
At ten in the morning.
And rescue me she did.
She brought lunch,
and spent the following 4 hours
in my rat trap
spit shining the place for my Mom's arrival.
My oven shines of my reflection.
This lady is truly a gem.
She also managed to inhale every environmental allergy
From in and outside of the house.
She was miserable,
And kept truckin'.
That's love.
Valerie fell for my drivel too.
The sweet soul folded and folded and folded.
Seriously I had enough clean laundry to build
A landing pad for a skydiver.
Lauren and her listened to music from her phone,
And they both folded clothes for about 1 1/2 hours.
She also climbed up onto Silas' bed
and put the clean fitted sheet back on his mattress.
I'm here to testify:
You can never appreciate the thought of making up the top bunk of a bunk bed,
Until your hands have been graced with the process.
Its intense and can be the deciding factor
for someone to not get a bunk bed.
The world is in high definition this afternoon.
I could give seminars about it.
My vortex is now a cottage once again.
Thank you ladies.
Now with my house in order,
everything is set to continue with birthday plans tomorrow.
Now that I have a perfect slate,
Its like a new lease on the afternoon
I feel like wearing my apron
And making a cake.
I think the girls might have something to say about that.
ADD or genius?
tomato , tomato
It all reads the same


  1. What a sweet pair of ladies!! :) Way to go girls!

  2. OMG! Holly I am laughing so hard. The emery board toilet paper....What a crack up. Who hasn't been there when MOM is coming and the house is a wreck. I must say..... you have some mighty wonderfull friends to come bail you out. How sweet was that?? Hang in there Holly...Your mom will come and go and then you will wonder.... why did I stress and worry about it. (I'm sure she has had the same feelings at one time or another) HA HA! So take a deep breath and enjoy the first birthday of that sweet little doll of yours. I know she will have an amazing party. We will be waiting for pics!!
    Love ya much!