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Thursday, May 19, 2011

River. Sun. Heat. Sunburns.


Today is the warmest day I have felt all year.

It was HOT.

Like 80 degrees Hot!

Because of the humidity here, 80 feels like 90.

I practically melted.

We ALL have sunburns.

All sunburned but Rico:
He's to cool to burn.
He's part Italian, Part Yugoslavian,
Part desert lizard.


He brought Coke bottles to explode for the kids.

The Coolest thing of the day.

(check out the link above)

10 am coke fix.

Only at the river.

I had to end the day early to appear in court.
Yes, I am an outlaw,

complete with court appearance dates and everything ;)

It runs in the Pieper family.
More on that one tomorrow (hopefully).

Lauren got to stay behind with Eian and Monica.

They splashed for quite a bit longer than the rest of us.

I was a bit jealous.

Monica taught Lauren all about vitamin D.

We all came home and played outside a little more.

Its time to take advantage of that blinding light in the sky.

Since Daddy was gone to meetings,

we hung out in the yard.

Then, everyone piled into the house at quarter to seven (almost bed time).

Dinner was a big fat stack of peanut butter and honey sandwiches.

A dinner that Daddy never goes for.

A dinner that the Peeps beg for.

Long live summer.


  1. O M Goodness. This looks like so much fun!!!! Oh, and same here on the PB dinners. :)

  2. Ha! And the secret word I had to type to post that comment was jureur - no lying! Curious about your court date!

  3. I can't wait to get up river!! What a fun, beautiful day. :)