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Friday, May 6, 2011

a quick Debriefing (Its pretty brief)

The last few weeks have slipped through my fingers.

I have many posts that never got posted because well, I just didn't post them.

There has been some major going-on's around here to make us busy enough to leave little or no time for pictures,

And even less time for blogging.

Its been exhausting.......

We (the kids and I) hosted our first yard sale.

We hosted four other ladies and all their junk.

Lauren let me run her lemonade stand


My nose and forehead took a major beating from the rays.

I have beat my time and distance in running.

6.2 miles.

60 minutes.

It hurts to think of it.

My Mothers Day Present to myself:

7 miles.

Birthdays, t-ball, field trips and wait


Destination: river

All this to say that I have been in this funk of unintended unschooling craziness.

I have been flying by the seat of my pants and

hardly know which way is up.

Its time to strap on my apron,

I see more chaotic days in the horizon.

Juggling of school, river, sun, river chores, river, t-ball, gardening,

river, river, river

Summer+Peeps= :)


  1. Beautiful!!!!! I hope that the river is a blast for you HAPPY MOTHERS DAY SWEET DAUGHTER OF MINE!!! Love you very much!!


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  3. Welcome back Holly. I know how busy you can get with there darlings under foot and a Mom that likes the river. But I must tell you I have dearly missed your posts.

    Give the kids hugs from Great Gram. Some for you and Jake too. Again... welcome back.
    Love ya,

  4. Hi Holly! Nice to meet you welcome to our "spot". :) I hear about you and your babies ofent and what cute babies they are! I am way impressed by the fish dissection and observations! Awesome! I hope I can be as cool and supportive when my day comes as you were! ~shelby

  5. Feel the funk with you Holly! Nice post and great photos..as always! Happy Happy Mothers day! the kids look cute as ever...miss them snif snif

  6. Your blog is so CUTE and PRETTY and ORGANIZED! Love it.

    Yay for the seven-mile run and yay for the river! It's going to be a fun summer.