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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Home spun seed starters.

I've finally gotten my idea and plans in line

To do a project that was weeks in the planning.

I would save the news paper, then not have seeds.

I got a hold of some seeds,

and someone had recycled the news paper.

The longest waited part was going out to eat and getting an extra salad container.

Finally, yesterday, my luck changed.

I got to go out to lunch with only my man cub.

News paper was just sitting there,

And I helped a friend move, finding seeds in a forgotten drawer!

This is a great opportunity to start something I don't have to finish.

We will return the plants when they're too big for the terrarium.

I saw this really cool project online and have dreamed about it since. I found that if I label it a "homeschooling project"

Its 100x more likely to actually get done.

These seed starters were made with news paper cups.

Hand rolled by myself,

Dirt shoveled by my boy,

and planted by all Peeps.

Watering our new seed plants with an old baby formula scooper.

I knew there was a reason I kept junk.

So basically, we rolled out news paper and folded the bottoms under,



and closed up in a clean plastic to-go container.

That's about the extent of our excitement on a drizzly Friday afternoon.

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  1. A very good project Holly. What did you plant? It will be so rewarding for the peeps when they get to eat what they have planted.