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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Childs play

A stainless steel cream vase. My yard sale find. Soon to make its way into the girls' new kitchen.

Can I just say how much I love having girls? Well I do! They are just so much fun.
Lately, Lauren has been on this cooking/ playing mommy kick, and I just love it!
I have had a lot of fun searching the thrift stores and antique stores for new dishes. They're cheap, cute, vintage (which I love!), and it is surprisingly easy to find "food safe", kid sized, sturdy dishes.
I did not have her pose for this one. She's just that cute!

These cups were (late sixties) 25 cents a piece. They're normal sized cups, but I thought they were too cute to pass up!

This set was 6 dollars. kind of spendy for used dishes, but they antique, sturdy resin, and PINK! They're miniature sized which is great!

Antique resin plates set of 5 (one is not shown) 60% off so under 3 dollars for the set.
Also miniatures, so perfect for her pretend kids to eat off of (and for her little sausage sized toddler fingers to hold)

I saved the best for last:

A kid sized cast iron skillet!

6$ and I would have paid more for this beauty. Just like Mommy's !

She is excited to take this one camping this summer and actually cook on it.

I think we have one-upped the Easy Bake!

She has been so much fun to watch when she pretends she has kids. I saw her going into the bathroom this week closing the door and saying: "kids, please give me some privacy now."
Where has she heard that?

She insists that they hold her hand when we cross the street, and I sometimes find her being strict with them (she shushes them and says "I am talking, dont interrupt" ;). It is really funny to watch.

More often, I find her saying "careful kids, c'mon kids, you want to play Dollies kids?"
They dont really have names, theyr'e just "Kids"
I love that she wants to be a Mom. I know she will be pleasantly surprised when she finally does have a (REAL) child, because I know I was! Like Lauren, I pretended with dolls and dishes. Little did I know that the real thing would be so much better!
So glad I get to live house rather than Play house!

Well, this week, I am finally going to paint the kids' room, and when I'm done, I plan on designing a kid sized kitchen for the girls. I am planning on putting her pots and aprons on hooks, and if I can get creative enough, I will create a stove/ cupboard/ counter area for them as well.

Wish me luck!

P.S. I am looking for a miniature wooden rolling pin (vintage looking would be great!). If you see one, do me the favor!


  1. I have a 4" cast iron pot bet never thought of giving it to the kids! I did find a 2" Lodge CI pot though last Wednesday at Coast to Coast for $3.99! It is adorable!
    Oh, and I have bought wooden rolling pins for the kids off of ebay (vintage ones) for pretty cheap. You should check it out!

  2. Holly, you ought to give blogging lessons. Yours is so beautifully written and planned out. May God continue to bless you and Jake as you raise those wonderful little peeps.
    -Laura Rice

  3. Gosh Holly, I used to have a miniature wood rolling pin with red handles. Where or where could it be?? ...... I found it!! Yup... it was in with the play dishes I keep here for grand kids tea parties. I'll mail it to you. Isn't it cute when they start to play house? Ahhh the imagination. :)
    Love you much.

  4. Holly ~ this is awesome! Way to go! You ARE a wonderful mommy and your beautiful daughters will be too!

  5. Too cute!

  6. Holly,
    You are such a blessing to me....XOXOXO more than you can ever know!

  7. oh Holly...girls are so much fun you're right. I just love that Lauren is a girly girl too..and she likes to cook and take care of her babies

  8. I love reading your blog Holly!

  9. I just love that picture of Lauren in her apron and rain boots...She is so beautiful :)