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Thursday, May 27, 2010

New beach

We finally found the beach that is named (by the locals) 'secret beach. It is an amazing hike through forest, and large open grassy areas to an amazing beach. The rock formations are huge. There is a ton of fresh water flowing into the ocean by way of waterfalls and streams.

We were finally
able to take some much needed
family pictures taken
(Thanks Alicia!).

Check out this snail Silas found

wild mushrooms growing on a log

Lauren caught eating
everyones lunches.

rugged climb, but so much fun
for my man child.

He's like a spring chick, the first time its let out into the grass

Lauren ignoring the awesome view.


  1. That was a fun day...I was glad to be apart of it.

  2. It looks so beautiful where you live. I actually hired a blog designer, that did my header, and did that little chicken on my name. It was only $45 for both, but boy did I have to wait. Her button is on my blog if you are interested. Wish I could be more help!