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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Silas, waving at Grandpa in the parade

Memorial Day weekend is also Azalea festival weekend for Brookings! We went to the street fair and got greasy street food (gut rot) enjoyed the parade, and ....


Lauren got to use this slug because she was the only one who would pick it up.

Its racing name was "Lolly pop"

Silas and "Joe"

Silas' slug was the first to peek out of the bag.

Laurens is to the right of it.

They put their slugs in bags that are nailed to boards, and set the boards down flat. The first slug to come completely out of the bag wins.

Silas, realizing that Joe is about to win.

Laurens slug was close (right), but just too long.

Joe is on the left.

Silas' slug ended up wining the first round, and came in second in the championships!

The Parade was during our best weather of the weekend! the kids behaved well, and we all had lost of fun getting sunburned

Silas giving his "candy please!" smile.

He insisted on the cowboy hat.

Claire in her fun new sun hat.

Dad riding in the city truck in the parade.

Happy Memorial Day!
Thank you to all of our troops that make our country so strong and free!
Check out this site. Is has some awesome 'coming home' pics of troops and their families. I was nearly moved to tears on some of them. I truly am grateful for the sacrifice.
Renee, make sure you have a box of Kleenex handy! ;)


  1. We went to the port, but too late for the slug races :( Wish we had known he was going to race one - we would have gone there first!

  2. I loved reading about your fun day! never have been to a slug race. very cool and happy for silas victory. Lauren is a amazon warrior princess....hers was some HUGE slug

  3. Awe yeasssss! Fun times w/the peeps in Brookings! Love it! You go girl (Lauren)!that's one dandy slug! And what a charming hat Claire! As for Silas ~ Rock on dude! what did ya win?

    luv all of you

    Mom/Grama (DeEtta/Pete)

  4. Really! Lauren is brave for picking up that big ugly slug. It's HUGE! These pictures are so cute! I miss them soooo soooo much! Please give them a big hug and kiss all of their sweet cheeks for me. Thank you for sharing!!