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Saturday, June 5, 2010


Lauren got to mow the lawn with Dad today. She was so sweet and helpful! It probably had something to do with the photo shoot happening all around her.

Lauren's cake all served up
(on her own dishes).

Lauren, icing a cake for the first time

All by herself!

The pesky animals always come

That belly needs some cake.

The end product.
Good job baby!

Silas and the first love of his life: Karate Kid. He's obsessed.

He is watching Karate Kid Part 2 as I type.

This week, Poor Claire endured her first sunburn. Poor baby. You can still see a little bit of rosy on her cheeks from it.

So you wanna know what I used on it? VINEGAR. It sounds like it would sting-because of the acid, but it is actually very soothing to a burn. Call me crazy. Its o.k. my husband thinks so too.

Sometimes I feel like the dad from the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, except his thing was Windex (which doesn't even touch vinegar in my opinion). If you don't remember, watch the movie. Its cute.

Jake hates vinegar with a passion (He can't stand how it smells). He didn't seem to notice it on her though, and I think it helped.

I also use vinegar to clean our counters because it is the only non-streaking cleaner for the granite (even Windex didn't work!) It is our window cleaner, table cleaner (safe for the kids to use when helping out!), and it really does the trick. Its astringent properties make it safe-even for meat juices and on cutting boards.
I put a cup in every load of laundry because our river water is soft, and prone to making our laundry mildew smelling. The vinegar makes our laundry smell like nothing (unless perhaps it spills out quickly spills. Then you can smell it for sure).
What do you use it for? c'mon I know I'm not the only one!
Oh, another great vinegar trick: Fungus killer!
My poor lemon tree has been attacked by fungus especially hard this year.
See the black stuff on the branch? Its all over the leaves too.
I have been using my vinegar spray on it.
(about 1/4 c vinegar and a squirt of dish soap, and filled to the top with water)
I actually have lots of healthy new growth since I started spraying.
I think its slowly removing the black stuff too, but that could be my vinegar bias getting to me.
I am ready for a new week and new weather. We were not able to get out much because of the Rain. There was a TON of rain. This does not sit well with a 3 & 4 year old, or with their mom.
Say Say oh sunshine, come out and play with me
Bring back my sanity
dry out my lemon tree
come in my window
dance in my living room
were going nuts inside
now's not too soon!


  1. Great job Lauren! Silas you're a stud and Claire, you're just so cute I wanna squeeze you and kiss you! :)
    Come on over here so that our kids can at least be bored together! :)

  2. I am so with you on vinegar. I have been mopping with it for 8 years now. A splash of it in warm water. Works great. I'm glad to know your uses, I'll try them. Love your posts, what a beautiful family y'all have.

  3. Great Grandma L.June 6, 2010 at 10:19 PM

    For lots of things Holly. I use Apple Cider Vinegar on my face after washing it. I use White vinegar as a cleaning agent and in the laundry. Especially in Hawaii because the laundry tends to have a funny odor to it if I don't. I use it to set color in things I think may fade or bleed color too. There was just a spot on morning TV that talked about all the uses of vinegar. They mentioned the cleaning of cutting boards too along with many others. It can be mixed with baking soda too. I used it on my kids sunburns when they were little too. ( before they got old enough to let me know how bad it smells)

  4. Holly ~ Can I come and visit sometime soon? I would love to hang with the "peeps" for a while if you don't mind. love ya baby!