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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rat trap experiment.

That's right.


A home made Rat trap.

Silas has a book all about boy stuff.

Except its stuff boys did like 100 years ago.

Random Cool how-to's

From pioneer-era boys.

Its pretty handy to have an old old dungeon style garage

When your objective is to catch a rat.

A while ago, a neighbor told me she had seen evidence of rats in her garage.

I assumed that naturally, they probably visit us on occasion.

Well, all that said,

Rico found this experiment and had to try his own.

Here it is.

A stick covered in peanut butter and wheat berries.

hovering over a paper 'trap door'
Just in case the rat needed a boost,

Silas made a nice little stair case:

This was exciting for like a week,

Because on day 3,

The bait was completely gone.

Daddy had his doubts about our shenanigans,

But even he got excited when the stick came out clean.

We decided to set up camp again.

EXCITEMENT RAN HIGH in the Pieper house.

Day three of the second bait:

I woke up early in the morning.

An early start on breakfast is always a rewarding task.

Standing at the kitchen sink, peacefully watching the glow of the rising sun.

The door to the garage was opened just enough for me to see the stick swaying a little.

I thought for a second.

Should I wake up Boy?

Let it be?

Wait it out?

This is way to exciting to let be.

Upon further investigation,

I ended up chasing away

A seriously obese cat.

It was just fitting that it was colored like a big oreo cookie.

It had finished off the p-butter.

It did NOT in fact fall into the trap door.

So now,

I need to find a cat trap.

Because we have cats,

Not rats.


  1. I am sitting here laughing.... thinking Silas really caught a rat. It was a nice try but... if you quit feeding the cat.... the cat will eat the rat EVENTUALLY!!

    Love it Holly and love you too.

  2. Adult Roof Rats can grow up to 10 inches including the tail. These rats are nocturnal so majority of their activity is during the night. In comparison to other rats, roof rats are better climbers. When fleeing, roof rats tend to head upwards rather than hiding ground level.

  3. a very interesting little experiment. A shame in the end the rat trap did not end up working. It looked like a solid design! I had never seen one like that. Hopefully further attempts worked out better for you

  4. Exciting experiment but I am bit worried about results.. I think it is better to invest in Rat Removal Brisbane services for rat removal.


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