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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Best Valentines Day Ever.

Yesterday was the best Valentines Day ever.
NO question about it.
It is an unusual statement to make considering the circumstances.
The kids and I were on our way home from a get V-day get together with friends,
On the highway when someone made one careless move and pulled out in front of me.
(The opposing car)
It happened so fast,
My efforts to dodge the blow were unsuccessful and her car went spinning.
The air bag deployed in my face,
knocking off my glasses.
Panic stricken, I scanned the back seats.
I wasn't able to see much, but what I heard was terrifying.
Claire screaming uncontrollably. and two very quiet children.
Abruptly Silas reports: "I'm okay Mom!"
And things went moving again from there.
I'm stopped in the turn turn lane, separating the two direction HWY.
First things first, find glasses.
After frantically looking, no luck.
I turned toward oncoming traffic.
As I waved one hand for someone to stop, the other one was motioning
that I needed a phone.
I couldn't find mine without glasses to see with.
People slowly drove past me.
One guy even waved as he drove by.
I felt so helpless.
I can't see. Nobody is stopping.
It never occurred to me how unsafe it would be if they stopped on the HWY.
The first 40 seconds were the worst.
Enough of the trauma.
I am here to report the wonder of it all.
While it felt like forever to be flagging cars down in vain, It really was only a few short seconds.
I returned to my car, finally found my glasses,
and a lady across the street yells out "I've called! The ambulance is on their way!"
This next part is incredible.
I am completely incapable of explaining it in all its glory.
Out of nowhere, Carl shows up.
From across the two lanes he yelled " what can I do?"
I open my mouth to scream "call Jake" but my eye was caught by someone else moving toward me on the road.
The relief of seeing my husband was better than anything else that day.
He happened upon is.
Nobody called him.
We would have passed each other on the road had I not been stopped.
I start carting kids across the highway to Carl,
Then Lauren and Silas with Jake's help.
Before we were Finished unloading kids,
Jayme shows up.
He starts picking up huge pieces of car rubble from the highway.
All of them pieces from the other car.
He said he saw the whole thing.
The story continues in the same manner.
Kim drove by and gave me her coat.
Jody stopped by and left food,
And a hug that was like it was from my own mother.
Martha from Feather Your Nest stopped to lend a hand.
Grandpa finally came and got the Peeps.
People we know well, and people we barely knew flooded in to offer help,
long after we were all off the road safely,
Tiffany shows up with aspirin. Thank GOD!
No really!
The events that followed were extremely comforting.
Texts and phone calls, e-mails,
Even though we were all fine.
People still bombarded us with offers and encouragement.
When our car finally stopped,
And I looked towards the back seats in horror,
I froze.
Silas' words "I'm okay Mom!"
smacked me back to real life.
I am a little startled at how my 5 yr old became a man for just that second.
He read my face like he has a thousand times and gave me what I needed to get with it,
And start moving.
Such a noble boy!
Tonight, I feel so content.
As I type, I have the four most wonderful things that have ever happened my way.
All nestled into bed.
My monkey broken nosed snorer,
A little toddler with knees all tucked in and booty in the air.
And little dainty princess who could feel a pea (or shirt tag) through a thousand mattresses.
A man who loves and supports me.
Who tells me to sit with him instead of finish the dishes.
I why don't I ever?
Who loves me in spite of my factory defects that will probably never be fixed.
Nearly ten years of unity that has not shaken despite some rough circumstances.
We will not be replacing our car.
It is not worth what we owe.
Normally, I wold not have shared such personal text.
I say shame on me for having such greed!
4 years ago, I was pregnant with my second baby,
And there was no Way I was going to be a family of four
With a car that only seats five!
I now wish that I could have back all those hours he spent working that were wasted on a pretty car.
I am open to sharing because the regret is so real.
Its agonizing.
I never want to push again, but I know I will.
Maybe now that its out there,
You might not push.
You might help remind me to not push.
Wouldn't that be swell?
The hype of Valentines Day was supposed to be about my ingenious efforts and planning.
Those candy canes were bargained for since the week after Christmas.
They were half off (get this) at the Dollar Store.
What a hit they would be in a couple months for our V-day!
As cute as they turned out (I must say) and as fun as they might have been,
Concluding Valentines with a simple craft project would have been
Just so vanilla.
I need the stretch and reminder that of whats what, and to waste not.
My time, efforts, and even a reminder of my simple mortality,
all Just got a huge check of reality.
I have not been this emotional since I had a my last kid.
This grateful heart is unbearable and erratically painful.
Simple folks.
Do yourself a favor.
Watch your kids sleep tonight.
Pray for the first time, or for the first time in a long time.
Thank God for what you have and what you don't.
Love the one you have-Even when its hard.
Because things just could have turned worse.
Because it's worth it.
Disclamer: This post was pblished at 12:05 in the A.M. That absolves me of all miss spelled words, and useless rambling.


  1. Crying!!! The thought of any of you getting hurt is WAY to overwhelming for this mama!!! I'm so glad your OK!!!

  2. I'm so thankful for you! I can't even tell you how much I love you Holly! Thank you for being such a wonderful daughter! and thank you for your blogs!

  3. I was in a car accident 10 months ago with three of my kiddos. Reading this brought it all back. No one was hurt, but very traumatic for everyone nonetheless! Glad you are all okay!