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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Musings of spring.

Please excuse the absent.

This post has taken me days to load the videos and I fear the loading process has cost me my sanity. I have finally loaded them, and am ready for the best part.

The recap, where I get to swing in the hammock alone, and look back on the pictures in amazement at the wonder of these people I get to play with every day. It is bittersweet in a lot of ways. I look back and realize how long Lauren's hair is getting, how much Silas has improved in speech, and the sweet toddle of my 1 year old that I so often take for granted. Then the hard reality tends to come down on me like a guillotine. How much I have lost my temper, or ignored a sweet request for my company-because I only had one more load to fold or a few more dishes to put away.

I realize that they are not mine. I don't own them like a handbag or a toy dog. I can't keep them forever and once I use up this time-no matter how I spend it, its gone.


Silas has been throwing me though surprising loops lately that make me check and re-check my schedule, and the meaning behind some of the plans. His needs are far different than my own. He thrives on being home. The comforts and familiarity of it is a recharge to his fuel levels. He seems to feel safe and calmer. I don't mean calmer in activity, but in spirit...less anxious and worn out.

I am the opposite. I need daily breaks from the home! I load them up and abandon the homestead for a while. Coming home after a break makes my perspective of things more realistic to what they really are. I tend to come home to find the place in better shape than what I had perceived it to be.


This is about Silas, Lauren, and the best bug experience ever.


How bout them apples?

I forgot to fix the "sucking" end of the straw so he wouldn't eat the captor.

Another good reason to keep things a group effort!

I so enjoy sharing these life experiences with an eager and intuitive child.

They are so responsive and bring so much more to me than I could ever bring to him. Their nature is such that if I decided to never teach them a thing, they would (given opportunity and freedom to) still inquire and learn things in a way that my teaching could never enforce. Free unscripted, hard play time is often the best lesson.

This is the first time we tried out our catcher. Man I love when a thought turns to action, and success comes on the first try!

Here's to the school monster not gobbling up any more time than necessary. Planning and executing. following my own scripted lead and no longer winging it. Looking forward to all the unorganized play because of all the organization I am leaning towards. Raise a toast to more time for imagination and creativity.

This is too much to miss!


  1. Too too precious! This is what makes a perfect home schooling day. For kids and teacher mom.

  2. Ahhh.. that is the beautiful writings that I have missed of late from my gifted grand daughter Holly. Welcome back Holly. These writings are such a treasure and so beautifully written.
    I love you,

  3. Once again, you never cease to amaze me! I love you honey

  4. I have missed you all! What a great learning day! Once again you are an amazing Mom and teacher. You are creating wonderful and unforgetable memories for all of them and I am so glad you are sharing it with us.