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Saturday, January 29, 2011

The kids were wonderful in the auditions Saturday!
Lauren Practiced all week long.

She really had her song and dance memorized!

But then the day came.

She watched intently at the other audtioners and kept telling me

"Mom I won't be shy, Mom, I wont be shy!"

But then her turn came.

She almost didn't make it to the stage!

Luckily the director is super nice, understanding, and is passionate about

getting kids comfortable in theatre.

She allowed me to be up there with Lauren, and she humbly sang her song.
It almost didn't happen folks.


As I live and type,

A New little theatre player is in the house.

She will be the cutest little school girl don't you think?

She will have one line, and lots of songs to sing!

What a stretch for her! This is going to be an experience

And so much bravery will be required!

I am thankful to Dori for giving her a chance.



If that video didn't spell it out clearly enough,

Silas was cast as the little monkey.

All the hard work and his homemade skit
paid off. He got exactly what he wanted.

This play was accepting a very limited amount of boys

hence the name Little Princess,

And my boy made the cut.

Way to work Silas.


  1. Hi Holly,
    Yeah Silas and Lauren!!
    Congrates to you both Lauren and Sylas. I am sure you will do an outstanding job in this play. Grandma is so proud of you. :)
    Sending some hugs your way.
    I love you,

  2. Lauren- great job! and Silas- how could you NOt have gotten that part? You were a perfect little monkey!! :)