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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Februaury: Get gone.

I think we may have convinced this nurse-man that he was in the wrong profession.
Look at his expression:
Three wiggling blood pressures, heartbeats, and temperatures.
And one crazy lady taking pictures of the whole thing.
All in an eight by ten room.
I have a few ideas of the words behind this labored smile of his.
I think we may have gotten a cleaner bill of health
Than what he actually left with.
All is calming down in the medical department.
Things are starting to feel more normal.
I have been in a fog.
Mentally, I am feeling lazy and unorganized.
The doc ordered an x-ray on my neck to clear things up and get the go ahead to seek out chiropractic help.
The other driver was released from ICU on Friday (4 days later) and discharged.
She escaped with some broken ribs (and possibly her wrist).
Praise the Lord for His mercy.
Looking forward to less dramatic, more uneventful days.
My body just can't take all the carbs. And Cheese.
February made me heavy for sure.

When Silas split his head open last night, I shouldn't have been surprised.
But I couldn't help it.
He managed to find the dullest corner in the house,
And proceed backwards towards it with great speed.
Needless to say, rounded corners don't make for a clean slice.
The month of February can be summed up perfectly
to the tune of an old sappy country song.
Lost the car,
Lost some blood
The only thing we found was a more portly shape.
Shed some tears
Lost the dog (Tazer, if your still out there, come home!)
And mostly lost sense and sanity.
I think it is most appropriate to wish that February 2011
Go and never return.
The real reason for this post:
Jake and I are incredibly thankful for the support we received last week.
Actually, were quite beside ourselves and overwhelmed at the amount of people that offered time and energy towards helping us get it together.
I (Holly) am honored by the e-mails and offers for food, childcare,
And the special person that left the homemade loaf of bread on my porch.
(how did you know?).
Its delicious.
Thanks again, from the whole clan.

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