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Thursday, August 1, 2013

4th of July.

We spent much of July being very sick.
Titus finally got to meet family back home.
We inevitably came home with some extra seasonal allergies gone wrong.
Maybe it was a cold, gone wrong,
but it ended up ear infection, bronchitis,asthmatic, eye infection, for more than one kid.
All had some of the above,
Titus had all of the above.
We managed to surface for air during that time at a high point in the game.
Just long enough to celebrate Independence Day.
For the last few years,we have participated in or watched the children's parade.
This time, we were (I was) going for gold.
Silas got to stay up extra late the night before making this happen:
How patriotic is Abe Lincoln?
You can't see Claire's get-up here, but she was a Pioneer girl.
More specifically from the American Girl series.
She had amazing brown boots with tassels on them,
Along with a thick leather belt to hold up her sister's skirt.
She walked the dog who carried a sign labeled:
"American girl 1860's"
Then, there is my masterpiece:
I hand dyed Jake's t-shirts
upcycled a toy echoing microphone,
and fashioned a cardboard headband into Lady Liberty.
I thought at least this would take one of the umpteen prizes.
She was so adorable!
Silas was hilarious,
Alomg with the Abe Lincoln suit,
He  added a little Richard Nixon wave:
He told the judges
"Government of  the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth"
That's his Abe quote to 'wow' judges!
Claire ended up carrying the dog sign that Bentley was freaking out about.
Glad I didn't go for the dog pulling cardboard plow.
They had so much fun!
Silas ended up winning 'Most Patriotic'
Claire won 'Cutest Pet'
Lauren left with a ribboned participation award and a smile on her face.
Mission accomplished,
And what a great time!

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