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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

NIne Months.

I did this.
Actually photographed his "month" birthday!
All the other months after monthe three,
It's a day- to a week after the actual day.
These were taken about two and a half weeks ago:
This boy does miraculous wonders to the heart.
His smiling face is true soul food.
In keeping with tradition of not blogging ever
And promising myself that
For the sake of my children,
I will blog more than never,
But then going back to tradition,
I felt I owed him some back logged facts about himself.
SO, here are nine things about him:
1. He STILL only sits up. Though SOMETIMES on full moons (once),
He pulls (pulled) himself up to standing position.
Sorry son, I'm trying to make you look good.
2. Wait, he rolls too. since 2 1/2 months-
 so that makes up for him being a freeloader.
Yes, he is a taker.
3. He loves his water.
 He screams when someone is in the bath without him,
And refuses to be in the baby carrier when were anywhere near the river.
4. The man-babe can put down more food that his almost 4 year old sister,
And weighs only about ten pounds less than her,
At 9 months wearing 18 month clothes,
He's a real gun show.
There is a pull-up in his size.
5. He's sweet on his big Sis Lauren.
I can't tell the others,
But he looks past both of them just to get a glimpse of her.
Can't say that I blame him.
6. She's dropped him three times now.
For a total of 4 drops.
Biggest number of single baby droppings
In the history of our homestead.
7. I suppose he is the iconic American looking face.
A handful of people have mentioned to me that
"He reminds me of my son when he was a boy"
"That kid looks like my Brother  did when we were kids"
"Total Gerber baby."
Funny thing is,
What do you say??
Long thoughts lead me to ill-timed responses:
" How is that brother?"
" Did you like him (your brother)?"
" How do you feel about the Gerber Baby?"
8. He's very friendly, 
A flirt,
And super cuddly.
Charming smile,
All Pieper.
9. He loves this dog to pieces.
To pieces.
Big fat handfuls of hairy  kind of pieces.
She loves him from arms length away if possible,
And behind his back.
She offers him true solid protection
He offers her leftover egg yolky cheeks
At just the right height.
From behind of course.

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  1. Holly. The pictures! The baby and the dog! Probably the cutest EVER, EVER, EVER. They made my day. :)