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Sunday, April 7, 2013


Since It is Friday night,
Since I am all hopped up on Nutter Butter Frozen Peanut butter pie,
with no sleep in sight,
I thought to write  quick jaunt about our Easter weekend.
But first,
Check out the pie.
It's as awesome as it sounds.
As a kid I ate this often.
Mom got the recipe from the inside of a box of Philadelphia Cream cheese.

Nothing like watching the kids enjoy a recipe from your past.
I can regrettably claim to have eaten over half of that puppy.

Since it is only one week late,
And around here that's not bad right?
Back to our Easter.

I was inspired by this picture a little over a year ago:
Isn't is lovely?
My problem last year was that I didn't find this in time to sprout my own grass.
So I saved it for this year

This time, 2 weeks before Easter,
Still no time for grass growing
I almost threw in the towel.
Whilst contemplating an alternate plan,
It hit me:
I have nearly an acre of already sprouted foliage!
Complete with those cute little daisy weeds and everything,
Insert voice in my head:
I can do this!
All I need is a big round Tera cotta tray.
One that I would most likely use,
Then store,
Then hopefully dig out in one piece for next year.
Actually I think I need three because the Peeps won't want to share such small spaces,
And who can blame them?
This is the sensible you talking here,
Stop buying so much junk and
Use something else!
So I did. 
I used a cookie sheet big enough for the three kids to share.
Who needs three troll sized gardens
 Floating around the house?
No One!
 I am learning.
The first week,
The tomb was just empty:
Then on good Friday,
Which is the day observed for Christs death,
We wrapped our Jesus
(a daddy figurine we had from a dollhouse)
in cloth
(toilet paper)
then covered the tomb.

Then on Easter morning,
We made 'ressurection rolls.
Best described here
and uncovered the tomb,
removed Jesus from the cloth,
And put the empty cloth back into the tomb:

Wow what a hit!
At no extra charge to me!
Kind of made up for the rack of Lamb I bought that was too tough to chew.
So Since it is Weekend,
And since I am sort of on a blogging roll,
I am stoked to punch out
 The few unwritten ways we observe Easter.
Because the best thing ever offered to humanity
Is celebrated on this day:
New life.
On a side note,
You probably happened to notice the adorable fuzzy baby bunny in Silas' arms,
We were the proud new owners of three cuddly little yard hoppers.

That lasted for three days total.

Then had visitors.
A thieving cat and dog duo
 Came a' rambling through the neighborhood
And had their way with the poor little cotton tails.
It  was a fun three days,
And one sad traumatizing day to find them to be gone.

We are also the proud owners of many firearms.
Specifically a BB gun named

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