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Wednesday, April 3, 2013


If you have ever tried 'sprouting' alfalfa or flax, you know how fast they shoot up.
Like withing days.....
It seems like Titus has made similar leaps and bounds.
(one hour)
And how horrible of me to not be documenting his every second?
(One day home)
All these great ideas and plans for picture taking,
and not a moment seized.
Honestly, I don't see a remedy on the horizon.
(About one month)
He loves his brothers guitar playing,
and riding on his sisters hip,
naps in the hammock,
 (about 2 1/2 months)
The best baby brother a prayer could answer:
(first story time with big brother)
(first trip to the beach)
Since the last six months has practically passed light a lightning bolt,
I thought it was only fitting to share six things about him in no order:
1. He is SO easy.
'Kick back' is the name of his game.
Loves just watching  the commotion.
His poor eyes just adjusted to the flash-kid that just happened, then it was gone. 
(first trip to the river)
2.  He looks like his Daddy.
Its true.
I hear it every day.
Everywhere I go.
Daddy is so proud because this is his only spitting image child.
He is oh so sweet and handsome.
 3. He is a Mama's boy.
Stares me down with his puppy dog eyes.
How do you walk away from that?
Let me tell ya,
You don't
With those eyes,
He may sleep in my room till he's ten.
 (first mustache)
4. He has one long curl left on top.
It's kind of reddish too.
The last of his hair from utero.
 5. He has stinky man-feet.
No getting around it.
Its impressively repulsive.
(First friend)
This friend is more than a month older. I have big babies!
6. He's a jumpy son-of-a-gun
Ever since he laid eyes on ol 'Johnny jump-up',
He's a convert.
Just makes his life that much more exciting I guess.

Wow that was surprisingly hard to choose and write about!
Everything I was going to say wasn't really about him.
Just how he makes us feel, what we do with/to him,
What we like most about him.
Suppose him to be Raggedy Andy of sorts.
Other things that come to mind is the fact that he may never crawl.
Why would you when there are 5 other people fighting over who is going to carry you EVERYWHERE?!
The Most important thing in my mind is how amazingly God answered our specific prayers with a brother. We knew it was a boy before we actually knew!
This overly coddled, larger than real life, joy giving, life bringing offshoot,
 Is an absolute
divinely hand picked by request,
 Gift of a legacy- from the Father who hears!

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