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Monday, March 25, 2013

This Monday made me wish terribly that money were more obsolete than it already is,
Or that I could buy a 2$ POWERBALL ticket and cash it in for the 40 million
It's just so nice having Daddy home.
insurmountable amounts of mess from a ridiculously large breakfast.
That was the game
And we played it well.
Who ever thought that a date night would be thrown into the mix?
No babes in tow?
Actually getting the choice to sit at the bar?
It was pretty unnerving to get into the car,
and just get in.
One seat belt to buckle,
No reason to look behind me.
It was spooky.
Left a hole.
Car was ginornmous all of the sudden.
Felt like maybe I had forgotten put put on under wear or something.
I'm telling ya, there's no getting used to it.
 Either scenario.
The greatest gift of love was that the babysitter ASKED to take my brood.
Really!  Asked!
We took a mini stroll to a beachfront point
It was absolutely breathtaking being able to look at the small
things that usually get hazed over in the bustle of herding small ones to safety.

We arrived back to the house,
Claire greeted us at the door.
If you haven't heard from Claire lately,
just picture the sweet voice of a three year old
With half a breath of helium in her belly.
She has such a girly munchkin voice.
Its impressive how she can stop anyone in the store by just saying a word.
She talks with her hands and smiles with her eyes.
She had quite the adventure to tells us,
But first things first:
" MOM! Titus was screaming for you the WHOLE time!"

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  1. So wonderful you guys got to get out! I hear you, we love having daddy home too. Hope everything is going well for you guys!