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Monday, August 5, 2013

The sun was here.

And oh it was glorious.
Just wanting to post a compilation of pics from those scant sunny days...
When our house routine was put on complete halting stop
In order to celebrate the light and warmth,
We avoided the disaster that was our home.
and lived out of the car.
Which in turn spilled disaster with every open door.
Girl loves her ketchup.
It was worth every stubbed toe in the dark room for a goodnight kiss. 
Don't judge him,
He dreams on food.
Camping out and using all the blankets in the house,
Multiple loads of beach towels,
Watermelon, lots of watermelon.
All these things + a laundry room the size of a master bedroom,
Sure gave us space to spread out the disaster.
First trip in the kayak.
A seriously posed picture,
They were not having fun.
The laugh of the summer:
First time brother fell asleep in her arms.
Wanting sister to be able to wear earrings like big sis,
Lauren made Claire some stick-ons
I just love how her lip curls open on the side.
There is indeed life in this mess,
Love in this mess,
Little moments of snapshots that make this mess gloriously sticky.
This is my mess.

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