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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

here it is!

Since February, I have kept a dirty little secret from blogosphere.

Well, Its not dirty,
and not really little,
and unless you know me solely by blog, not really secret-ish
I do like a snappy beat. And a little bit of dramatic effect.

I have been doing some scheming and wondering out how
I would announce this grand adventure
on print.

Then I gave up, because life happened, I got sick every morning for about a month and a half,
And lost all the nerve to do anything.
Especially blog.
Especially blog about THAT.

It was sucking the zip out of every day.
Life was so very grey and selfish - I must hate to admit.
My steps were unsprung.

I do hate to complain on my posts because I am all about memories.
Particularly the good ones.
But life is just life sometimes.

The good, the messy, stinky, unkempt, and downright vomity (quite literally- but I don't want to talk about it).

But then I felt it move.........................
laying in bed I felt a jump. Like swift poke in the gut.
But being out of town for the week, there was narry a thought to do much about it.
I just did a little happy dance, and fell asleep happy
Fast forward 5 days to tonight.
Here's me:
laying in bed watching 'Kate plus Ei8ht' on laptop next to snoring husband.

Yes, I am still a Kate follower.
Its a little embarrassing.
Like saying you still like N'sync or Backstreet boys.

whilst on my left side, I felt a jolt come from my right side.
It moved inside me again!
This time of all times, for sure, it wasn't dinner talking back.

I am overwhelmed with the idea of loving a new life.
My heart just grew a fourth time.
And I finally feel well enough to excitedly proclaim:
October will be a magical month.


  1. You could not have worded you wonderful annoucement more perfectly! We can't wait for October and all of you magical moments in between.We love you...Dad and Renee xoxo
    P.S Give each Peep a hug and a kiss from us!

  2. Congratulations on your newest little Peep!

    We will keep you in our prayers.


    Lisa and family

  3. Yeah... Holly! Happy to hear it is confirmed. Congrats to you and Jake. I'm sure the Peeps are quite excited to hear of another Peep coming. We sure are. A new Great Grand Peep is so welcomed.

    Love you,


  4. Yes, my Birthday IS in October... oh, you meant your baby's birth. There! I said it (since you didn't outright, clever you), you're having a b-a-b-y! Congratulatons friend. -Jen

  5. Holly I can hardly wait until August when I caN hug all you big peeps but also all your little peeps.Can;t wait until the newest one is here...