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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Can you believe this sight?
My boy in back in his skin again.
It's cause I'm not home. I'm actually far from home.
Far enough to feel the sun again.
Happy Easter 'yall!

My Grandma holding My baby.
I hope I look this great when I am a Great Grandma.
It was exactly 2 years ago this Easter since we have seen everyone on the farm.
It was sure good to be back on Grandma's homestead.

Ageless beauty right?

Her fabulously Great Aunt:

This Easter marks 2 years since We've visited Walla Walla as a clan.Another four generations on Easter.
Can't believe it's been this long:


  1. What a bunch of beautiful women.

  2. WOW. Your mom and your grandma seriously look half their age! Good news for you, right? Hope you all loved Walla Walla! :)