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Saturday, March 31, 2012

A sign of the times.

Well, as much as I try not to be,
I am a crammer.
I cram too many things in too many spaces.
I am also a compartment girl.
Always have been.
Thrifty compartments and shabby crates are my first materialistic love.
I am so compartment oriented, is disorganizing, messy, and sometimes downright dirty.
I tend to blog in the same way (as of late).
Intending for every milestone to be paged.
Not so.
As the randomness of this post will back up:
This is a picture of the very last sunny day we have had.
Because it has been raining solid for 8 days.
I said 8.

Remember the vinegar post?
Well I couldn't find the link to it (couldn't find the right compartment),
but basically, I use it to clean everything.

My dear sweet husband tells me its too stinky.
And lately has been voicing it more and more.
He is tired of sitting down to his ramen lunch and smelling it.
So, on that same sunny day- 8 days ago,
I made that pretty concoction in the bottle above.

Lemon buds and rosemary leaves in vinegar.
Smells much better.

Husband also asked me to start dusting.
No promises.

Claire got her fairy on.
Then the paint dried and she couldn't move her face much.
A short lived fairy.
She did love how she looked in the mirror.

A spring time craft:
Found on Pintrest.
Because I am newly addicted.
It has given me a new craft idea every day!
Sometimes 2 a day.
Lauren is in hog heaven.
It helps to not have to make up my own idea for a crafty craft.
Especially after 8 days of rain.

We recently took a field trip to the recycling company.
It was the chance of a lifetime-
To climb the big mountain of news paper:
(Hey Gram. this is a video. You have to watch it on the actual blog.
Click on the link above or below. Love you!)
This awkward open-ended post shall be resumed on a later date.
In another short blurb.
No promises.

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