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Monday, March 12, 2012

High 5 for derby birthdays!

Lauren turned 5 in Feb.
I took it upon my self to make it a 'Roller Derby' skating party.
It was so cool to be using REAL skates-
Like from the era of skates!
No joke,
They were refurbished from the 70's
So I tried to dress her to the part:
(Happy to act her new age, and help a friend out.)
And bought some glowing accessories,
chili dogs
(authentic Texan chili from Eian- minus the heat for the kids)
So delicious!

Then I basically sat back and let the party throw itself.

Of course Grandma's always there to help.

Most of the following pictures contain images that resemble
'Flying lice'
That would be the worthless disco ball I decided to rent.
Lauren and one of her favorite friends Julia.
Seriously, all her dolls and babies are named Julia.
This girl is a keeper.

Of course, Claire got plenty of attention too:
Monica was her best friend.
Even good enough to sport some glowing shades.

Grandma love:
Extremely BIG girl!

Cruising the rink with G-pa.

Four was such a fun age.
I was sad to see it go.
Definitely interested in this new 5 thing though...
Lauren sweets,
You are the most caring daughter
And a loving friend.
Shopping buddy,
dress-wearing extraordinaire,
Strong willed when you are crossed
Compassionate to the hurting.
Seeking out to bring comfort to the lonely.
God has given you so many unique and creative dimensions that make up the mystery of you.
You are so loved by your close family,
and missed by the faraway family.
Every person that has a bit of your life in it, has received the blessed gift of you.
I am so thankful that the Lord has shared this small part of your life with me.

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