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Monday, April 23, 2012

We ALL get our wish!

I am SO loving hearing all the local talk
About our past sunny weekend!
We've some sharing to do too!

On Saturday, we were hanging out playing in the sun,
Dad changing the oil in the car,
BBQ at Grandpa's house,
When Lauren says "Mom, why do we never have friends over?"

This was in a sweet inquisitive voice.
Not a sassy one.
At this point sassy would have been easier.

Its not like this is an even remotely true statement.
I did feel a tinge guilty for second though.

So, Sunday we picked up Grace.
And skipped nap time. 
So ALL the kids could play together

They all got along really well,
But Lauren especially got her
"Friends at our house" time.
No clothes required.
Or so I thought.

Today, we pay with sunburns and extra long naps.
A small price to pay for
This beautiful day of first splashes in the water! 

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