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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Its been a great long while since I have put fingers to the keys

And forced out a post on my poor little blog.
Well, I guess just a month,

But it feels like I've given up.

It had gotten to be so long that I didn't know where to begin.

Should I try to catch up on all the epic meaningful stuff that we have done?

It really was a lot...

There was the two weeks of rain where I thought the flood waters were going to be at my door...

Sutch A gft too bee kooped up wIth thee wons we luv....

(insert eyelid twitch here)

And the play that the kids were in... They rocked it like stars.

Silas had a lead roll. Which he smoked.

It has subconsciously gone to his head now.

He sleeps in till 8:30 most days,

And randomly recites his lines in the shower or while fishing or tying his shoes.

Then Grandma and Grandpa came for a visit.

We had the Most consequential fishing trip ever.

No joke. six big whammies in just one morning.


Grandpa FINALLY got Jake out for a beer.

This has been a few YEARS in the making.

They left Uncle Drew with us for a week.

Stories of his past, my past our past,

Were nightly brought up in place of bedtime stories.

Also included in his stay were...

mushroom hunting, fish smoking, hiking, and bike riding 'till our legs felt like Jell-o.

Did I mention the BINGO party at New Years?

Pertineer near new tradition.


Dad took Claire away from me for a week and went on a momentous road trip.


Just the two of them.

11 hours of drive time.

Without my Babes

For 5 days.

We were all sitting here singing the blues.

Lauren at one point, said to me:

"Mom I guess you'll have to go to work then..."

Silas' eyes would gloss over as he said things like:

" I miss daydreaming about dad,

and how he used to pick up a stove with all his might.. Just for us!"

It was a total run-on sentence.

They were pathetic.

More family came, best friends moved away.

Life happened.


So while I won't make separate posts about the month I missed,

I will be blogging about

More fishing.

Breakfast on the river.

Temporarily camping...

If only for a couple of hours.

Eggs bacon, potatoes, sunburns.

Who needs sunscreen in January?
I guess our necks... and our lips do.

Enter in,

The most critical part of this post:

Boy catching his first


He reeled it in,

Scooped it up,

Then roared it out:Seriously.

He's telling the other fisherman across the river from us about it.

They were packed in like sardines compared to us.

Plus they successfully wasted their day and went home with nothing....

Just sayin'.

What's better than that?


There is good fun in soot slaying:

And the science of fillet-ing the fish.

Mission completed.

Great day.

More great rain on the way.

We'll be inside.. with peeling necks.



  2. Tell Silas he did a super duper good job on bring in that fish. Sounds like he rocked at the play too. Good job Silas.

    Loved the camping pics. The girls are gowning so big.. They get more beautiful each time I see them.

    Great blog Holly. Yup... it's been a while. Love reading them.

    Love ya,