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Monday, December 26, 2011


This picture is perfect.
I feel like the entire holiday season has swooped in and is nearly out.
We have squeezed every breath of life out of this years season.
Probably best year yet.

Yesterday, we chose to start and finish the bomb site trail.
We tried once before, but the rain made puddles,
and the puddles made boys.........
So we gave in to the elements and went home.
It was still overcast, but a perfect day-after-Christmas jaunt.
So here's the scoop:
On August 15Th 1945 Japanese bomber Nobou Fujita bombed our forest.
It was an act of retaliation, 4 months after we raided Tokyo.
The intent was to ignite a large wild fire.
I should say there are two scoops:
On August 15Th 2005, My little man rocked this neck of the wardrobe
Just by being born.
Did I mention that his name means
"wooded man" or "man of the Woods"
Indeed his name predestined him for glory in the forest.
Funny thing about our timberlands:
They're really really wet.
Little damage was done,
And nobody was hurt.
Later, Fujita returned to Brookings and made peace.
The kids were massive storm troopers this go around.
They blazed through the woods like it was their own backyard.
Like the back-of-your-hand sort of familiarity.
A new and still unidentified mushroom.
Assuming that 'bright yellow' wasn't a good sign,
I smacked down a "no touching'' rule and shot a photograph instead.

Grandpa joined us for the adventure.
It was a bit exhausting, but he made that trail his victory.
A slog through the forest doesn't brake this old Piep.
Wouldn't do it without a proper walking stick though.
Looks a little like a screaming Nerf football right?
Massive Rhododendron.

Salamander of the woods,
Meet man of the woods:

Pointing out the mushrooms

Some of the trees are indescribably large.
And made us look like like little toadstools.

chainsaw tree branch.
Oh yeah baby.
Myrtle wood trees:
Absolutely breathtaking in person.

Of all the things we enjoyed over Christmas break,
We'll mostly miss having Daddy home.

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