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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Unfortunately, December has crammed a million things together for us.
We have condensed about 6 weeks of activities into like 4.

I say unfortunately because January comes,
And so do the rains..... and thats about it.
If only it could be spaced out and savored right?
New for us this Christmas:
Advent Calendar with devotions and a treats,
Lighting candles for advent every night at dinner.
Strews of new Christmas crafts.
Night time story time at library (in our jammies!)
Silas sang "We Three kings" loud and clear for story time!
Caroling to our neighbors. This was so much fun!

Our old hats:
Gobs and gobs of Christmas books and movie watching
Ginger bread house (three to be exact)
Hiding of the glowing star (finding the star to Bethlehem)
Buying new Christmas books
Craft fairs with homeschoolers
Christmas light show

Handprint Christmas tree with vintage button onraments from Great Gram
If you know me very well, you know that my love can be bought.
Not only with money,
A GREAT gift will suffice too:
This homemade wreath was hand crafted by a good friend.
Seriously, all this stuff was in her yard.

Our advent calendar included fun things like:

snow cones (an ice shaver- genius gift from a friend)

Eating dinner in the living room (with Christmas movie)

Cookie parties

Ornament making

skits to go along with illustrations of bible stories (a huge hit!)

candy cane play dough (link below)

delivering cookies to neighbors

buying and playing a new family game

Holiday Christmas lights at the park are mostly the same every year,

But never ceases to amaze the little eyes.

They are such a fun crew!

Still a challenge to capture in picture.... The older they grow, the more life and fun they throw into the Christmas mix.


  1. Such a beautiful post!!! Makes me want tk string popcorn and cranberries...your photos are great!! Makes me miss you all that much more

  2. love your Christmas activities and traditions!