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Monday, February 6, 2012

Man Of the Wooded Harp.

One day Silas met a man at the soup kitchen.

His name is Rudi.

Either way, Silas was fascinated.

Seven foot tall bean pole with a heart of gold.

And a jaw harp.

Boy fancied Rudi.

That tall glass of water always had a country hat,

Bandanna, boots, and cowboy shades.

Not to mention, really long mountain man hair.

Trimmed by a raccoon,

Combed by a pine cone.

He was way back woods.

Rudy returned the keen feelings and bought him his very own jaw harp,

Which alone, he learned how to play:

That video is Silas in his classic element these days.

No shirt,

Middle of winter,

Harp in the animal skin bag on his hip.

Then Rudy invited him to a 'jam' session.

It was the


He was telling everyone that he was in a band.

It was pretty convincing.

Events like these are the kind that you wait to reveal to the child,

Until 15 minutes ahead of time.

Mostly because the awareness of time, slips away.

And every five minutes is five minutes closer to his inauguration.

He had 5 days notice.

His head was the size Texas.

Finally, when the 5 tumultuous days were up,

We headed over to the Senior Center.


Without any more talk,

Here's a clip.

Famous song:

"You Get A Line, I'll Get A Pole Honey."

The thing I love about 'back woods' music is that it includes the whole story in it's title.

There were song books and people gathered around singing at the tippy-tops of their rusty-brass lungs.

Then they started taking request from the folks on the outside of the circle of talented people.

It was my turn.

I mistakenly requested John Lennon.

Let It Be.

No really, just leave it alone.


So embarrassing.

But, the day peaked

when I saw my boy pickin'

my absolute favorite song of all times (at the moment).

No more talk.

Just listen:

My boy and John Denver.
That song tied our heart strings
(All Three of Us)

Happier than a hillbilly on a cheese bed.

That's what this Mama was.

Johnny D. would have been proud.

I know I was.


  1. Great job Silas! Make sure to get the boy an agent before he goes on tour.

  2. You rock Silas. Job well done.

  3. I am so proud of you Silas! You did a great job and I love your solo in the kitchen! xoxo