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Monday, September 5, 2011

Remembering to put my camera in the car is a part time job.

Making sure I strap it on when we get places adds a wrinkle to my forehead.

I have been horrible about capturing, and blogging photos this summer.

We have done a lot of different things to fill our time and spend our energy.

Mostly great river/beach/trail adventres, picnic's and "staycations".

A lot of family came to visit allowing us to stay home on vacation.

Daddy took time off work and we enjoyed our local paradise.

This morning, the last of our summer visitors travel home.

Being Labor Day and having Daddy home for a long weekend,


On our brief visit, Lauren found and claimed these shades.

Silas caught up on his dinosaur mazes,

And kept a real good eye on his Daddy at sea.

I am brushing up on my history and deciding what we will be learning in the coming weeks.

Laying in the sand:

Claiming sister's shoes:

Winding down

forcing the reality into my head that

Theres not much time left for days like these.

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