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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Five hits the trail........ (with a bang)

The following is a well documented day.

Its my five year old's last day of being five.

He used it up by running a triathlon.

Five, you rocked.

His race number on the left leg,

his life in years-right leg

1 mile bike ride all by himself.

1 lap swimming

3 faithful followers who were diligent in making sure they were where they needed to be.
They met him at every transition point and heartily cheered!

Swimming was his less vigorous events.

He was lapped by the girl sharing lanes with him.

Oblivious to the fact that he was indeed the slowest,

He informed me that this girl was confused and was going in the wrong direction.

Silas is a sideways swimmer.

I suppose maybe he is lop-sided.

Stronger on one side?

Anyway, the girl and my boy almost bumped heads.


Inches away.

He was so irritated.

I hadn't the heart to tell him he was so behind and a catywompus swimmer.

Backwards by the way.

Running 1/4 mile was surprisingly a breeze for him

After all the previous events.

Check out the lady waiting to crown him King:

Can you see his smile from behind?

It was real big and boy was he satisfied with himself.

The best part:

He thinks he was first because nobody finished at the same time as him.

I did have the heart to encourage that notion.

If you see him he'll tell you that he was

1st & a 1/2.

Five was a fine time.

You were lucky indeed to know my boy this year.

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