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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Basically the last few weeks have been getting us into a solid habit of:

Having Claire Bear Hotcakes,

Avoiding all our responsibilities to catch up on some

River swimming,

Crabbing up a storm,

(They're really biting!)

And learning new things like,


Training for his triathlon this Sunday,

Fluidly reading his books and the beginning of comprehension,

Mastering time telling


Beginning her reading excursion

One..Letter..At..a... Time.

Picking to make her own blueberry jam

Tying her shoes like a pro.

And Claire:

Learning to use glue-stick like chap-stick,

Practicing scissor strokes

(All fingers still attached)

And exploring yogurt while mom is busy doing OTHER house work

Because life's just too short to have a clean house.

Capturing spectacular moments before Man Cub takes off

For the county Fair's calf chase.

Above: Silas prepares for announcer to say "Go!"

Its pretty hick-genius if you ask me.

Kids chasing calves for a ribbon on their tail.

Every ribbon gets a prize folks!

Silas won a 2nd place ribbon for his painting.
Another 2$ into his "Whatever" fund redeemable by a Man Silas.

Lauren's 2nd place winner.

Category: "Abstract" !

Claire's 2 $ winner:
Category: "figurative"

Titled "Slap fit"
See the figure?

See the slap?

I won 1st place for Marshmallows. 2$

1st place for Grahm Crackers. 2$

2nd place for dutch oven bread. 1$

Grand total prizes: 10 $

Grand total gas : about 16$

Gotta keep tradition alive right?

I have heard about the foolish notion that the fair is a dying event.

Not foolish like impossible.

Foolish like "Why in the world are we letting that happen????"

The American tradition must not die.

The rodeo must go on


Become a local fair exhibitor.

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