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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Grandma visits.

It's been a week, but still worth a mention.

Grandma came over the weekend.

It was her birthday.

There's not a Peep in town that doesn't love a birthday.

She joined us for our weekend festivities:

An overdue 4Th of July celebration.

Like the cake?

Next year it will probably look prettier.

I'll plan better and wont be assembling it as were headed out the door.

Grandma read bed time stories.

Went to the port to look at a sunken vessel.
Nothing like a broken ship to bring siblings together?

The kite festival way just down the way.......

Lucky for us they were offering free kite making workshops.

Grandma joined the fun.

Later, Lauren got her first real haircut.

A trim.

The first cut she's gotten that wasn't an SOS because of a weird hair phase.

More on that one later.

Thanks for coming Mom.

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