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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

If at first you don't succeed.......

First off,

I made my first ribs tonight.

It was a perfect dinner.

Except the ribs.

They were a little dry.

Not horrible.

Completely palatable.

Just left a little room for improvement.

Its a good thing I devoted the entire summer to ribs.

I shan't give up.

Daddy loved the ribs.

He was extra hungry.

Squeezed around a teeny table,

Silas and Lauren got to share their stories they wrote for school.

Recaps of the day,

Its interesting how four people can be within 50 feet of each other all day long

Yet have three entirely different stories to tell.

I (Me, The Mama) caught my very first crab.

Peeps and I went crabbing alone and I struck gold.

Proof that it was a male.

In school, were studying eggs.
Which animals make them,
What the eggs look like.
Big. Small. blue. brown. iridescent. Disgusting. hard. soft. aquatic. attached. heat sensitive. Biggest smallest.
There's a different egg for every kind.
Dying eggs seemed most appropriate.
We do not do this at Easter for purposeful reasons.
Why not do it in July right?

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  1. Ribs and dyeing eggs in July? Can I come over!!!??? The summer dedicated to ribs? I knew I liked you.