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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bank Day

A few months ago , I was in a predicament. It seems that there was always loads of coins all over the floor! We sit down on the couch and they fall out of our pockets, They fall out of pants, purses, laundry piles, Wallets, and end up all over the house for one reason or the other.

The problem started out just a nuisance mess that I hated looking at, but now, Claire is begginning to become more and more mobile and is at risk of choking on our hard earned cash. Thats not kosher.

So, I came up with a plan: get the kids to collect and save the coins. I would take them to the bank and we would trade coins for paper money. Easy enough.
So we did, and the first time I took the kids to the bank, we were plesantly surprised. The ladies were so sweet and acted like they had waited all day for our business. They told us that Daddy comes in often and always talks about us. they actually seemed interested in us! How much more small-town goodness can you get?

The bank itself is very intriguing to the kids. It is decorated like a log cabin in the woods. The entrance to the building is graced with huge grizzly bear statues and a quaint little water fall. All of these fun features have been explored many times over. They also havr huge oversized leather couches and a super tempting plush and larger-than-life teddy bear. The kids can barely lift it.

This is Roxey
She is the greatest bank teller a kid could have. She lets my kids sit on the counter and watch while she counts out the change and hands over the dough.

Yes, she always has this geat smile on her face.

Our Bank day is only on Fridays Because Friday is free cookie day at the bank!

Each of the kids gets to choose a cookie if they had a dollar that week. This has brought up the subject of doing business and being a customer. They know that they are customers when they come in with thier money to exchange. They also know that cookies are only for customers.

How cute is that? my little customers!

Silas especially is learning to become excited about finding coins and putting them in a safe place, knowing that earning a dollar by picking up coins off the floor can take all week!

All the money stuff is nice,
But really, they do it all for the cookie.


  1. So fun! I love that last pic of Lauren carefully choosing her cookie! :)

  2. Bank Day is the best! Those bank ladies are really so nice and they love your kids! I was so lucky to get to take them when I was there.
    I love all of the new pictures! Keep up the good work. You should be a writer. You could turn bank day into a children's book!

  3. Thank you for the praises of our staff in Brookings. . .especially Roxey ! We couldn't agree with you more. WE know how special they all are, and it's wonderful to see that the great customer service they give is noticed by our customers of all ages. Thank you again.
    Teena La Vette
    AVP/Retail Banking
    Evergreen Federal Bank, Grants Pass

  4. I agree! (Mom)