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Sunday, April 25, 2010

First Spring

The other night we went over to Rob and Ida's house and enjoyed some of the things first spring has to offer.

Rachel's mad skills on the trampoline

Silas tried the move too. He ended up with a springy roll.

They are letting the back pasture grow long in preparation for their horses to return home.

This bought a boys vs. girls hide and seek game.

The sun was in a perfect spot for a photo-op so I picked some wild flowers and begged the girls for pictures. They were pretty good sports about the whole thing.

Aren't they cute?

We got to see their twin goats that were born a couple weeks ago.

They're so stinking cute, especially when they're frolicking and kicking their feet.

Silas the cheese ball.

This dinner and hang time with the Rowes made me want warm weather and summer nights so badly! Can't wait!

Thank you Rowes for another great evening! Rob, thanks for making the buscuits! ;)

I love the concerned mama in the background looking for her kid.
That beard could put most grown men to shame.


  1. Once again! you've outdone yourself Holly! this is priceless! love it love it!

    and I love you all!

    Love Gma DeEtta and Mom