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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Camping Adventures.

We managed to find TONS of creatures that are unusual to us

(even though we were only about 30 min. from home)

Lauren found a snail with a crazy shell.

She was quickly disgusted and almost killed the poor thing

When she changed her mind about holding it in the first place.

Silas found his first wild pet of the season.

It was so impressive watching my man cub capture the thing.

It was a fast bugger.

I made him hold it by the tail- just in case it was poisonous ;)
We made a home school adventure out of it.

The day we got home,

We walked to the pet store

(suspended licence)
Silas got the scoop on his little guy.

He named it
"Rick Bob" or "Ricky Bobby"

Another amazing spectacle:

Silas having a real conversation with another adult.

Intelligently inquiring on very specific details.

It was impressive.

Here's what the pet store guy told him:

Not poisonous
Most likely a male.

Easily tamed. Yay!

Feed crickets, earthworms, and other non predatory bugs.

Can change their color to match their habitat
Very low maintenance

(because it is indigenous to our area, we can keep it outside! Double Yay!)

After an entire year, I am finally able to put our garage sale terrarium to use

So here's the deal,
Supposedly they're all over Southern Oregon and California,
Easy to maintain,
Are known to hang out on high things (like fence posts)
To bask in the sun.

So what are you waiting for????

Here's the kicker:
We bought some crickets for Rick to eat.
Because I am deathly afraid of crickets, he was completely on his own.
We do not have a lid for our habitat, so the poor guy had to pull the jumper legs off of the crickets with his bare paws.
He was a trooper and decided that his lizard was worth it.
What a guy.


  1. That's an amazing lizard Silas. What a catch. Lauren, your snail is a really pretty one. I'm surprised you didn't like it. Your such a brave one. And both of you are just too darn cute. Grandma loves and misses your smiling faces.

    That was a wonderful lesson Holly and great pictures too.
    Love ya all.

  2. I'm not sure if I'm prepared for all the creatures Grayson's going to want to bring home :) We had a worm we kept tabs on under a flat rock for a few weeks. Poor kid was devastated when it finally moved on. That's about as far as I want to go with critters though!

  3. Amazing! can't wait to see you all this summer Holz! Hopefully Ricky Bobby is still hanging around ; )