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Thursday, May 26, 2011

My list of Top's

I wish you could smell my house right now.

There's just nothing like balsamic, shallots, garlic and butter

simmering up some mushroom perfection.

A treat for the senses.

#1 preference for cooking mushrooms

If you're not hungry when you get here,

You will be before you leave...

#1 best meal of the week:

wild elk steaks (a great birthday gift from a friend)

mashed potatoes


Balsamic sauce on top

I absolutely love cooking in my own kitchen.

I'd say its my all time number #2

(next to child rearin' and time spent with Daddy)

Its my space.

Its cute

And small,

and mine.
The lighting is perfect around dinner time too.

Right now, spring is happening in every window ledge.

Basil is my absolute favorite of the herbs.
Its versatile,

heartily flavored,

And an outright challenge for me to grow.

Every year I try,

Most years unsuccessful.

I love a good challenge.

Basil is it.

#1 Soldier cherry tomato:

You have to be tough to survive the Peeps.
I love to garden.
You wouldn't know it by looking at my yard.
But I do.

My anxiety is quickly building as these peas grow at stellar speed,
And I still don't have a transplant place prepared outside!

Another on my list of top fave's:
long, twisty, fuzzy, curly, sun bleached hair
Its the best.
No matter how long it takes to brush.
No matter how much she whine's while I brush.

one of the greatest things to photograph:

Brown speckled farm raised eggs.

They make me so happy.

Locally grown from happy chickens

(another great birthday gift).

I'm tellin' ya.

I was made to be in the kitchen.

Barefoot, apron, pregnant, whatever.

Just give me a kitchen

With a sunny window.

Peeps gather to crack eggs,


dump flour,

And brown meat.

I want them to love being in there as much as I do.

Even if its just to wash pretty dishes

(they love to splash).

This afternoon is a perfect setting:

cooking, smelling, watching peeps.

Opening windows to listen to rain,

taking pictures,


walking around chairs where Peeps once

Stood to see what was going on in that particular hot spot.

I am proud as a mama hen

Scratching around and counting her newly hatched chicks.

This is the day.


Claire just threw up.


  1. I'm just picturing myself in your warm and cozy yummy kitchen smelling your yummy cooking and fresh herbs and then ewwww! Claire that is gross!
    I hope she is feeling better...all my love and kisses...Grandma Renee

  2. This post is priceless Holly. So real, especially the last two sentences. I just love it.
    PS: The mushrooms look so yummie and the way you describe them... I can almost smell them. :)