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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

3 More Days and All Is Well...

I have to brag to my Southern Neighbors about the weather we had today.
Mostly to my family saying that they have traded their cars for houseboats.
Or the ones in the North, unavoidably freezing themselves solid.
One thing I have always counted on in Brookings.
Literally, only one thing:
It always nice during the days surrounding Christmas.
Today, we knew Christmas was coming,
The first day of sun since........?

How fabulous is her idea of a Christmas tree?
She labored hard for this puppy.

You wouldn't believe the courage it took her
To approach the water for a pail full.
My little girl.
Only three for a little while longer.
This year, Were not doing a Christmas picture card.
Hopefully you can look forward to a New Years card in its place.
Merry Christmas!
Its not on the weather agenda,
But I'm looking forward to another few days of the bright sunny shiny days!
It is Christmas after all!

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