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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Will cut hair.

I am riding shotgun down the longest empty road I have ever seen,
The worst part about the drive to my parents house.
I5 south. The clouds are wonderful and the sky is bright.
That's about it.
The best advice I could ever would be to avoid this road at all costs.
The second best advice would be to bring your wireless Internet.
Third, would have to be Benadryl, lots and lots of Benadryl.
I am using this time for a post that I saved especially for this part of the road.
My sister in law Meseret "Messy"
just flew home yesterday after a wonderful tree week visit.
For three weeks straight, I had a running buddy, babysitter,
house chore helper, aspiring cook, and wonderfully giggly company.
Here's one of the things we did together:
I gave my first girl haircut.
I've botched my way through Daddy's hair many times,
But never got to try out a girl do.
The problem:
Messy wanted a change.
Her wonderfully curly hair had been over treated and fried to a crisp.
She left the relaxing chemicals in her hair, just a little too long.
I told her she should have left it curly.
She lamented over her hair for three weeks.
On and on about how broken it was, how treated it was, how she couldn't brush through it.
How she wanted to shave it.
On a whim (and half jokingly),
I offered to shave it for her.
Her eyes lit up like Christmas.
And thus began the bonding, cutting, playful experiment.
Silas made a good sport of the excess hair,
Measuring his worth in length.
Along the road to a short haired new Messy,
I thought I would try to accomplish a few hairstyles.

I thought about my mom with each new hairstyle.
Ma, you would have really loved this.
My mom cuts hair for real

This picture is especially endearing to me,
Because quite frankly, a was not really in to the mo-hawk.
I loved that she mistook the 'rock and roll' sign for the 'I love you' sign.

I never told her about the mistake,
Because it was just way too cute,
And fit her better.
I tried poofy.
She pulled it off well don't you think?
Her toes were next.
There's no way I was going to let the hair in her toes
Be longer than the hair on her head.

Ethiopian Santa Claus.
This one was fun.
She kept laughing and blowing all the hair right into her mouth.
SO glad I documented it.
The end product.
One beautiful girl
Inside and out.
Meseret, I am so glad we got these three weeks together!
You were such a big help and great company too!
Looking forward to our next visit!
Love you!


  1. truly a beautiful and playful woman! You guys looked like you had a ton o fun! Holly ~ you could become a stylist before you know it ; ) luvya!

  2. i love love love the rockin' roll mohawk!!so cool!!i wish i coulda seen my lil' sister, can you send me that pic for my blog holly? oh and i can't figure out the music thing, also, i've got your sour recipe too.