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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hunnington Beach

Were here after a one day race to So Cal.
We shaved 2 hours off of our usual time.
13 hours instead of 15.
The poor kids were crying because of 'bottom aches'
Our first full day was filled with beaches.
And Mexican food.
And visiting with Grandma Renee's old friend Terry.
They have been best friends since college,
Terry and I met shortly after Grandma Renee and I met.
She still endearingly calls me "Holly Bolly"
Like when I was little.
It made me feel comfortable after all these years of lost contact.
I never realized that there were actually some pretty beaches down here.
I thought we hogged them all in Oregon.
The Oil rigs.
The Peeps had never seen these.
I had forgotten all about them.
They are a really pretty sight to be seen on such a clear day.
I found my inner cheese ball and took a selfie
In the bathroom mirror at the beach
( I was waiting for Lauren....... TMI?).
My little, but extremely big brother Drew:

Claire has had plenty of time to warm up to Grandma,
And she still isn't warm.
She's kind of been in a funk since we got here and I don't know why.

Lauren's picnic in the making.
My little sweetness.
The first family photo since...
The last time we saw these guys for a visit.
A great day topped off with some fishing, Mexican food,
Traffic, Naps in car seats, and hot tub time after dinner.
Thankful sums that up nicely.

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  1. We miss you all soooooo much! OXOXOX You left a few things...no surprise! I'm sending a box soon!