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Friday, November 26, 2010

Ultimate, gratutaive, thankful, contented, bliss

This day, Thankful came in the form of Cheeseburgers,
Eaten in a restaurant 1/4 of a mile into the Pacific Ocean.
The longest boardwalk I've ever seen.
A late (3 o' clock) lunch.
Overly tired from walking,
overly pained with hunger,
One beautiful afternoon.
It was actually a bit nerve racking being so deep out there.
NO life preservers.

I got this strange feverish feeling coming over me.
I am pretty sure that its what a pirate feels like when sentenced to

Except this was by choice.
Make any sense to you?

Then Grandma Renee says:
"I like this one Ruby's restaurant better,
Because the other one fell off the dock into the ocean."


If only she knew the drowning dreams I have in my sleep.
She may have thought twice about that statement.

Actually, I think she said it on purpose.

Bliss is watching my sweet pea basking in a suny window.
Me watching from a distance sipping on a Coke
I'd swore I'd never drink (again).

What we all would have given to be in that sunny window asleep,
Waking as the food arrives.

The ultimate toy (menu) for the starving, anxious boy belly. Love is being together, topping off a meal with a strawberry milkshake.
In a 50's restaurant,

Quite possibly with a Great White shark or some other deep water beast swimming below.

They weren't as cute as they look on camera.
There was a lot of head-pushing involved.

Thanks to my family's knowledge of So Cal,

We were able to live it up and have a ball.

Thanks in part to Grandma Renee, It was a little scary too.

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