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Friday, December 3, 2010

Thankful 12-2

We brought some of the thankful home from So Cal.
The wine isn't hers ;)
The gratitude came bundled into a cute little jar,
And just happened to save Thursday's dinner.
Great Grandma's canned tomatoes.
I decided to go for Heathers suggestion and plan my meals.
I had four lists:
Grocery list

I thought that I had successfully shaved 50$ off my grocery bill.
(Groceries here are outrageously priced- the cost of living in paradise)
Needless to say, I ran out of a few hot commodities,
like tomato paste for homemade spaghetti sauce,
Thanks Grandma, for saving the day, and dinner.

I had this crazy cool idea of having a canning swap.

I made jam, and pickles,

Grandma Renee made quite a few different jams for peanut butter sandwiches
(The peeps have two different flavors opened right now because they just couldn't agree)
I allot 2 pb&Gj sandwiches per day
Peanut butter and Grandma Jam

Great Grandma made
Tomato sauce,
Candied nuts
and jam.

I am definitely planning on having another swap, hopefully with family,
But mostly wanted to throw the idea out because I thought it was big time.

By the way Mrs. Hutch, here's another link for you to check out with the kiddies:
Tumble Books
It may be a little young for your kids, but its worth holding on to for a while.
Its offers a wealth of reading books and puzzles/games to go along with the books.
Merry Christmas lady!

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