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Friday, November 19, 2010

Thankful 10.18 - popcorn celebration!

I was running some last minute,
skip out of town errands.
Things that need to be done when your gone for the week.
Gold fish sitter,
(just kidding, actually, we'll probably throw weeks worth of bread in there and let her buck)
return library book,
mail letters,
Bring Daddy lunch.

Came home to find a little brown package on the porch.
Oh how we all love packages!
I love receiving the unexpected treasures!
Why don't we send more packages?

I don't know a soul that doesn't welcome a little carton of sunshine on their doorstep.
I was told that if you freeze a fresh cookie, and mail it,
By the time it gets to its sender, it is ultra fresh and ready to eat.

My mom used to send us her friendship bread in the mail.

It came so fresh and dreamy, you would have thought it to be baked an hour before.

This package was....Brace myself!

My Camera!!!!!

Fixed and shined and ready to capture all our Thanksgiving.
We burst out in spontaneous popcorn throwing explosion.
Claire even ventures to taste it a few times.

I feel so fabulously content.
Even in my kitchen that was just spit shined,
And now trashed by little static filled popcorn.

I am usually a poor player when it comes to making a mess.
Not today!
I actually made it close to fifteen minutes before feeling claustrophobic
Because of pieces of garbage strewn about.
Clean up wasn't nearly as much fun,
This is why as a rule,
I don't allow much mess.
The best part about it?
It happened just a day ahead of our trip.
I was not expecting to have it for this time.

Ecstatic doesn't even touch that.

I'm back!


  1. YEAH!!!! See there was a reason to wait! We are sooo EXCITED! And now we will be blogged too! Drive safe. XOXOXO

  2. Hip Hip Hurrah Holly!! I am so glad it got back to you before you left!!
    Hip Hip Hurrah!! Your almost here. :) Hope it hasn't been raining too much for you during your travels.
    See ya soon!
    Love you,

  3. Yay!!! I know you were so upset about not having your camera in time. The little ones look just as happy You need to tell Claire to stop growing so fast I have only been gone a little over a week. You have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family :) XO

  4. Anonymous was your friend Alicia