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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thankful. 10-16

I am thankful that when 'official' school ends
(Actually, its pretty unofficial)
Life learning begins.
Exhibit A:
The mouse trap.
Pay no mind to the gargantuan mirror shard.
A necessary part of the trap.
This consumed the latter part of the afternoon.
The boy,
The chair,
The huge glass mirror,
Completely unsafe,
I was nearby, and gave him the 'play it cool' talk first.
Then prayed as I washed dishes and laundry nearby.

The Genius moment:

It works like this.
A cool sunny day on the mouse dock.
Mouse sees the cheese.
Mouse eats cheese.
And it is instant death by butter knife.

Because he's sure to bite hard enough to result
In his own hard, cold burial.

He blows me away.
He says to me
"Mom did you know that some Indians eat mice?"
Didn't know that either.

Did I mention we've been reading about pilgrims and Indians?
We've gotten a couple rented picture books from the library.
Nothing snazzy.

I love my job as Mom to Peeps.
Thats it.
I just do.

Simple, Abrupt, Sweet.


  1. I like the part that says (it's pretty unofficial)....you guys are so great.......

    2.5 days and till the peeps get here,,,,,,, and all is well.........

  2. Ok Sweetie can you actually bring one more tear to my eye... I have felt so lost thus far without hugging my little Peeps. True friends, best friends are few and far between and you are my genuine best friend.. I will do what ever I can to still be in those babies lives and yours. We may be miles apart but always close in heart. I will see you soon promise. Kiss each Little Peep from there Alicia. Love you sweetie :) XO

  3. tell silas that the roman's also ate mice, they had sweet and savory versions of doormice,..make sure you tell him that uncle cody wanted him to know,..yeah that big mirror shard looks scary!,....thanks for the spell check advice buy thu whey,.....<---funny joke