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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thankful 10/14

I wanted to let 'yall know about my brother-in-law
Its brand new, and I am so excited about it.
This is where I will be going with all of my cooking questions.
Its worth a look, and feel free to ask him questions.
Renee, I am currently in the process of squeezing out his
Navy Bean soup recipe.
Keep your eye out.
He is funny, creative, and the best cook I know.
My camera has taken a dive for the worst.
It just stopped taking pictures.
It's in the shop until quite possibly after Thanksgiving.
Thank goodness for Daddy's smart intuition in getting the extended warranty.
I am left to post random old pictures.
I so Super thankful for my Monkey,
Who fell on his head today,
He was bouncing on my bed,
And managed to fall on his head.
It took a lot of rest to get over that one.
At one point, he beckoned me to come,
Because his cheek was cold and lonely and needed a kiss.
I loved that moment.

Tonight, I am thankful for free learning games (online).
They are so much more fun for the kids than a school book.
I am becoming more and more aware of some positive effects of computer/video games.
Silas is learning a lot and doesn't even know it.
It really is too bad that they have been given such a bad reputaion.
I wish that I had researched for myself rather than listen to all the nay- sayers
Tellling me that my kids would end up being
Chubby lumps of Jell-o
If I let them play a vidoe game.
Here are a few of the sites I use:
My Mother In Law showed me this one.
Its great because it starts with letter identification,
And works all the way past reading to upper level games.

I love this one.
You can type in spelling words,
Then select
'Test me, Teach Me, or (my favorite) Play games'
The Play games button allows you to
Type in spelling words and it makes all kinds of word games.
My personal favorite is the word search feature.
This is just plain silly.
You type in a sentence or two....
Or a story for that matter,
And it makes a song out of the entire thing.
I have learned a lot over the last few weeks how much
someone really can learn from a game.
Especially a video/computer game.
There is so much more to learning than the books that we call "school".
Any other suggestions for the free game sites?

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  1. Oh Holly! Im so excited about these websites, thank you for sharing! I have tried to find something like this, but had no luck. I love free sites with learning games or free audio books.